Two Year
Ministry Plan

In February, Matt Williams along with several other staff members, presented a series of ideas that will impact our ministry for the next two years. These ministry initiatives are shaped by our core values, the foundational pillars of discipleship. The plan is called We Choose, because every effective ministry plan centers around strategic choices.

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We Choose Ministry Plan

We Choose

We Choose is our two year ministry plan. It is a strategic way to budget, discuss, raise, and spend resources in a manner that will help us accomplish our mission of making disciples.

We Choose sustains the ministry we have already been entrusted with, as well as looks ahead to future opportunities God has put in our path.

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  • Grace City Church
    March 19, 2019

    This past weekend, Bill White taught at our church plant in Charleston, Grace City Church. They are going through a series on Judges, and Bill was able to step in and teach on Judges 5. Grace City is pastored by Will Plonk and was launched over a year ago. Please continue praying for them with us as God works in the lives of their people.

    To learn more about Grace City, visit their website. To listen to Bill's teaching, click below.

    Grace City Teaching
  • Local Church Outreach
    March 14, 2019

    It takes a variety of churches to reach the city with the gospel. Mitch Miller is leading a church revitalization efforts at Griggs Memorial Baptist Church in the Poe Mill area of Greenville. Will Broadus planted Reconcile Church in an urban context in West Greenville, South Carolina. Grace is contributing $1250 / month to help these churches.

  • Grace Church Student | Retreats
    March 7, 2019

    Retreat month is underway - this month we will have over 2000 students and leaders attend a weekend retreat where they are encouraged and fed spiritually.

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